Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recent Inchie type stuff - Inchie Books

I had lots of fun doing two inchie books for my yahoo groups Inchies1x1 and Addictedtoinchies...First one didn't really have a theme.  The second one did.  My partner for the second book posted that she liked Paris as a theme.

Here's the first one - for Inchies1 x 1

Here's the second one for Addicted to Inchies

Take a look and let me know whatcha think!



  1. Wow, they are beautiful Gwenny! I especially like your 'Paris' themed booklet. Lovely colours. This sure was a fun swap.

  2. Hi Gwenny, just came by for a visit and I know your partner will love this. You do such fab work and a very busy woman at that.
    Keep creating...

    I agree this was a fun swap.

  3. Thanks!! It was a fun swap...I really pushed myself on the Paris book...I'm trying to grow as an artist, and making myself do "harder" things is the only way...

    Appreciate the comments!


  4. oh love your Paris one Gwenny, very pretty....

    those inchie tag books are such a lovely idea...jenxo