Thursday, March 25, 2010

One more for today...

Maybe some inchies??'s wayyyyy past Valentines day...but these were for Inchies onexone yahoo group...and here is the rak I sent to the hostess...

I love peanuts!!

Go..have fun...make something...listen to your inner voice


Hmmm...what shall I show you now??

Let me think....ahh the Lucky Lady Dip swap on The Sum of all ATC's...these cards were actually in my beginning ATC days...I love all of them...We all signed up for a theme...Lady of the Lake...Little Miss Naughty,  Miss Leather and Lace and Water nymph

Hope you have a great Friday!!


As promised

Another recent work...Another swap on The Sum of all ATC's...Glittered Mucha Swap - from the famous Artist...Mucha (last name only...can't remember the first...LOL)..

Such beautiful images.  I enjoyed looking for the many to choose from...I picked ones that spoke to me in some way.  All of them represent some aspect of ME...

Hope you enjoy...


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Learning to Fly

This one was just for me...sometimes we have to re-learn to fly...or find a new way to fly...this one is in honor of all of us who are still learning to fly:



Yes...three in one day!!

Steampunk is so cool...I did these for a swap on the Millande Ning Group...was really cool and fun to experiment:

What do you think?? Steampunky enough??


Paris Grunge ATC's

These were done for a swap on one of my yahoo groups - ATCforbeginners

The theme was paris grunge - inspired by "Remember Paris," item a couple of posts below...This was SO fun!

Hugs!!  G's been a long time!

Hey there chickies...sorry it's been so long since I've blogged...sort of out of sorts since the middle of was wayyyyyy to lifey...if you know what I mean.  So...I'll be posting a bit daily to get caught up!

Here are some recent ATC's I did for an upcoming swap on The Sum of All ATC's Yahoo Group.  It's a great group...stop on by!

The theme was Louise Brooks.  In my opinion, she was way ahead of her time...when the mind set during that time was uber conservative.  Hope you enjoy