Saturday, November 21, 2009

Come little leaf...said the wind one day

I did this card for a fall ATC swap.  I was totally blanked on what to do...I had the background...but images eluded me.

Then, in a quiet moment, I heard my grandmother's voice...reciting this poem.  She and I were verrrry close.  Every time I spent the night, week, etc...she told me this poem before we went to bed.  She only  had a 3rd grade those times, even the little kids worked the farm.  But, she had gone to school long enough to learn two of the stanzas of this poem.  I found this online, and have modified it to her version...because that's the one I fell in love with. 

She's been gone five years this week.  I miss her every day.   I firmly believe those we love never go away completely...they guide us from above.  She speaks to me, and has pulled me out of some very BAD situations...were I could have been hurt in a physical and/or mental way.

So here's to you, Granny...hope you like it.

Jewell Alene Ashcraft


  1. Never heard the poem before but it is beautiful and so apt for an Autumn theme. Beautiful ACT. Your Gran sounds like a wonderful warm loving person treasure the memories.

  2. A toucing story about your Granny and a beautiful poem. I hope you found some instructions for the "spinner" cards they are quite addictive once you get started cheers