Saturday, November 21, 2009

Faux Handmade paper Tute

I found this tute on Inchies-onexone.  List owner/mom Betsy posted it for a November swap.  It was originally from Tech Junkie - June 2008.

Colored cardstock (I used 8 1/2 x 11)
2-3 colors acrylic paint
Metallic acrylic paint
Toilet paper (cheeeeeap - read: single ply - not the cushy stuff)
Wax paper or craft mat
Gloves  (((you want to use these...this is very messy!!!)))

Get a good sized amount of toilet paper and crumple up.  Squeeze out your paint colors, but not too close to each other.  Dip the paper in the lightest color of paint, and pounce on cardstock.  Don't cover the whole sheet.

Take your second and third color and repeat, covering the entire paper..  You will see some of the paper being left on the painted surfaceas you pounce - this is what you want. (((note, if you get balls of paper that are too big, pick off and pounce back over the spot)))

With the metallic paint, and dab on as an accent (((or use amount you want - I love sparkly so I used a bit more))).

Let dry completely before cutting / using.