Thursday, January 7, 2010

Inchies, inchies and more inchies

I love inchies....they were my first real attempt at small collage work...Here are some that I did for some swaps this past year:

Fairy / wing Inchies

Inchie puzzle - make 3 inchies from a single stamped image and put on an ATC

Polka dot inchies

Shoes with Bling inchies

Wing Inchies

Still looking for a wasn't in the folder it should be...more to come!

Hugggs, G


  1. Great way to showcase your inchies. I must try these some day, can;t believe they are that small, nice job.

  2. Gwenny-I am in love with your inchie puzzle! What a perfectly lovely creation!Completely gorgeous!

  3. I love your inchie puzzle, the way they pop off the background what a great idea. Janet B. (soul journaling)